Listen to what other people
have said about CASHFLOW™ 101:

Putting Their Assets to Work
"I've got an MBA and I didn't think I needed to be taught financial literacy.  I was amazed at how much our culture has instilled in us that "being rich" equals "large income".  Through CASHFLOW, I was able to shift my paradigm from earning more to making my assets work harder for me. Carol and I constantly joke about 'Doodads' whenever we get the temptation to buy something that uses up our cash.  Thank you for introducing us to this game." - George Tran, Oregon

Far Better Income From Investments
"Before I played the CASHFLOW game I'd already decided that I didn't want to work anymore, but wanted to put my money to work. Playing the CASHFLOW game really showed me how and broadened my perspective about producing cash flow, way beyond anything that I ever saw before. Now I'm making a far better income from my investments." - Chantal Roche, California

Gave Their Son A Road Map for His Life
"Thank you so much for recommending the CASHFLOW game to us. Please send us another one.  Our son, who is graduating from college this May and who had no idea what he was going to do after college, played the game with the family during his Christmas break.  When he left to go back to school he asked if he could take the game with him to play with his buddies. He said that after playing the game he finally knew what he was going to do when he graduated.  He said that playing the game made everything so clear and gave him a road map for his life." - David Bradshaw, Louisiana

Soon to Make More Money from Money than from Working
"Before playing the CASHFLOW game the only way I knew to make money was to work for it.  Investing seemed like something only rich people did. Soon I'll be making more money from my money working than I will from me working. It's great! Thank you Eva."
- Bill Jacobs, Georgia

Unifying Family Through Financial Consciousness
" . . . we played [the game] with our two teenaged sons. It has given our family a whole new financial awareness. Our conversations about money are no longer arguments that divide us, but sensible discussions that bring us closer together. Donna Myers, Utah

Now a Full-time Investor Who Love Passive Income
"Before we played the CASHFLOW game I was a consultant selling my time.  I had a high-priced downtown office.  Now 3 years later I have sold my business, moved my office home, and am investing full time.  I love passive income.  I am netting more money, working less, and spending more time with my young boys and wife. The best part is that I am building a secure financial future for my family. I can thank the CASHFLOW game for waking up my wife and I." - S. T. Courtney, California

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